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Civil engineer Alexei Fedorovich Bubyr' (1876-1919)
was an outstanding master of the Russian Art Nouveau, author of many civil and industrial buildings in St.Petersburg, Tallinn, and Sochi, as well as a series of competitive projects. He worked together with Nikolay Vasilyev and Lev Ilyin.

The site is devoted to the buildings created by the architect in St.Petersburg. Here you can look at photos of each house, read a brief summary about it as well as some subjective comments.

To go to the information on each building, use the internal links "Buildings" or "Map".

Alexei Bubyr'

The site has been designed using some graphics by A. Bubyr' and N. Vasilyev.
Photos in the "Buildings" section by A. Mamlyga, A. Smirnov, V. and Yu. Tezin.
Photos in the "Literature" section have been borrowed from the same sources as the texts.
We are grateful to Tamara Pavlova, Oleg Sid'ko, Elena Buklaeva, and Irina Rode for the books and magazines they provided for scanning, to Margarita Stieglitz for her material on "Russian Renault" and her kind co-operation, to Yury Lebanin for his information on the Klimov Plant's history, to Igor Lagutin for his infomation on Renault, to Richard Gashot for his information about N. Vasilyev, to Karin Hallas-Murula for information about activity of Bubyr and Vasilyev in Tallinn, to Alexander Dashevsky for digital copies of his paintings. Special thanks to Anton Rassadin and Dmitry Alyoshin for translating some pages of our website into English.
We express our deepest appreciation to architecture historians Vladimir Lisovskij and Valery Isachenko, our site would hardly have appeared but for their studies.

© Alexander Mamlyga, Alexei Smirnov

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